Specialised shrub nursery

Other shrubs in our range of products

In addition to the varieties Photinia, Camellia, Ilex, Lagerstroemia and Prunus, we also offer several other varieties of shrubs. At present you find Magnolia at our nursery. Some of these are grown on contract, which we are open to doing more often in the future. So should there be a need, we are always willing to consider the possibilities to grow batches for you.


Please find our current Photinia inventory below. It is always possible to view the plants in our nursery. Please contact us for an appointment without obligation. It is also possible to receive photographs by e-mail.

Latin name Dimensions Free stocks
Cornus Kousa100 ltr. 150+ cm50
Convolvulus cneorumP 9,5 10/15 cm vertakt9.244
Magnolia 'Susan'C 1,5 60/80 cm spil1.000
Magnolia 'Susan'C 1,5 80/100 cm spil1.000